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All good ideas are reworked endlessly, but a myth has grown up around the original Million Dollar Homepage that it can never be repeated.

I'd argue no one's tried determinedly in recent years, and that's a blind-spot waiting to be explored (see this story). So that's what I'm doing...  

Take a look around — check out the blog, play with the categories tab over on the left, or try entering the Konami Code to discover some of the hidden easter eggs. Click a few ads! Find out who the Cubists are.

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This page even features the world's smallest online ads! Buy a 100 pixels for $1 and let's re-make internet history.

  — Robert Black  

pps. 283056 page/Ad views and 83011 visitors so far :)
pps. I'm adding new features and refinements all the time...
pps. I recommend coming back to see what's new.


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To see the Easter Egg,
look into my eye for a clue…

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