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All good ideas are reworked endlessly, but a myth has grown up around the original Million Dollar Homepage that it can never be repeated.

I'd argue no one's tried determinedly in recent years, and that's a blind-spot waiting to be explored (see this story). So that's what I'm doing...  

Take a look around — check out the blog, play with the categories tab over on the left, or try entering the Konami Code to discover some of the hidden easter eggs. Click a few ads! Find out who the Cubists are.

This page even features the world's smallest online ads! Buy a 100 pixels for $1 and let's re-make internet history.

  — Robert Black  

pps. 283056 page/Ad views and 83011 visitors so far :)
pps. I'm adding new features and refinements all the time...
pps. I recommend coming back to see what's new.


Using the keyboard’s too easy!

To see the Easter Egg,
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ZERO content.  ALL ads.  100% pixelly.

83,011 visitors   283,056 clicks

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“Ads with depth”
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Pixel ads in the Cube are for sale under a progressive pricing model:

  1. The price of pixel ads here will rise as more ads are sold, proportionally to whatever percentage of the Cube's pixels have been sold at the time of an ad’s purchase (currently that’s 1%)
  2. When and IF all 1 million pixels are sold: past buyers will have the option to renew their ad for another 3 years by paying whatever amount will bring the full payment for their ad up to $1 per pixel, or to let their ad lapse.

That's it!

No cost-per-click! No fee-per-impression!
Never pay another dime.

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