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The Cube of 100 pixels is 1 million pixels, and I’m selling them as ads.

It’s been done once before, differently.

But most believe it can’t be repeated. I don’t think anyone’s tried that hard, and now I plan on applying some creativity and elbow grease to making the magic work a second time.

Robert Black

A second chance at being second

When I first had the core idea for this site, that a cube 100 pixels wide contains a million pixels, I threw everything into realising the dream of selling those pixels for a dollar each as ads.

It turns out that standing in the way of making this concept work, the big challenge of pulling it off, is a classic chicken and egg problem - everyone's holding back to see if it will work first. Initially I turned to friends, and past/present clients of my business, who all responded with incredible generosity in buying pixels at the full price. I ran the Australian Graphic Design Association's website for 11 years as well, so several design colleagues bought in too.

Unfortunately, this only encouraged me to think the idea could work with strangers. With a few it did, but the price for a minimum of 100 pixels was far too high for strangers to buy into at $1 per pixel when there was no guarantee I would ever reach any 'critical mass' of advertisers.

I threw everything I had at trying to iterate on the premise, and raise publicity for the site, but to little lasting effect. After months of pushing the site and no word-of-mouth spreading its story I was feeling very burnt out and discouraged. FAIL! I didn't look at the site for a whole year.

Then recently I checked the site's logs, and to my great shock discovered that I'd been making a small but steady stream of sales of low numbers of pixels - $9, $1, $16, $4 (there's an area in the middle of the Cube where ads of 1, 4, 9, etc pixels can be bought)

A faulty spam filter had been blocking all notifications of sales, and I'd assumed none were happening. After hastily placing the ads of recent sales, issuing refunds for those older than a month, and apologising profusely to everyone for my mistake, I began to think about the site again.

I still believed that the core premise of the original MillionDollar HomePage is worthy of working again, but clearly I hadn't done enough to succeed. And yet, a trickle of complete strangers were buying pixels in the Cube with no marketing effort on my part. I began to wonder if I'd missed something...

So I gave it a lot of thought now that I had some fresh perspective, and finally the idea popped into my head late one night of dropping the price for early subscribers one hundred-fold but then increasing the price progressively to match each percentage of sales. Suddenly the high price-barrier for early participants was gone! The progressive pricing model rewards early adopters and gets me at least half-way to a million dollars if the site starts working, at which point there should be enough publicity and traffic to make renewing ads worth at least considering.


Make your own full-scale
model of the!

Download the plans

I prototyped the idea, got feedback from friends, and on Thursday I quietly rebooted the under the new progressive pricing model. Since then, I've sold 1700 pixels to complete strangers who've come by at random and thought 'that looks like fun'. Now granted, under the new pricing this has only netted me $17 minus costs (less than 2% of the pixels are sold, so the price for 100 pixels is currently set at $1). But I'm excited by that!

When you consider the complexity of using something like AdWords to advertise your site, which costs you for every click, spending a flat $1 to list your site in the Cube isn't a big ask for a significant number of people.

"It looked like too much fun to pass on. The pricing, for what it is, was quite reasonable as well." — John P., who bought 800 pixels on Monday.

If you remain sceptical, that's completely understandable. But I think this new progressive pricing model has the potential to breath new life into the idea, while making it fairer for early adopters who are shouldering a greater risk of it not succeeding than those who join in later. And so I'm going to see how I go with it. If nothing else, I owe it to the people who've already bought pixels to find a way to make it work!

Robert Black

Power the Cube - buy a hundred pixel ad today


The 3d effect on the home page has been temporarily disabled while I focus on other features, but if you're running Safari on Snow Leopard or later you can still see how it looked in an archive of the page here

There’s already a special version of the for iPhone users, and now this site is one of the first in the world to harness Snow Leopard’s hardware-accelerated 3D CSS.

If that’s a lot of jargon, what it means is that for people visiting who have Snow Leopard and use Safari, the home page now appears in animated 3D - every ad is a 3-dimensional cube!

The picture below just doesn’t do it justice.

To quote the famous British web designer Andy Clarke:

“Got Snow Leopard? Open this page in Safari… and I bet you’ll say “Holy crap!”



For the technically inclined, adding the CSS, HTML and JavaScript to make the homepage 3-dimensional only took a matter of hours to create, and 64 lines of script/css/html in total. No extra images were needed. Of course, the code is still a little rough, but not bad for a first crack.

iPhone, The Konami Code, and the Cube


Okay, first-up: today there’s a new version of this site’s homepage that’s been designed specifically for the iPhone. What is unusual is that the iPhone version uses native gestures to move between ads - swipes from left-to-right or right-to-left.

A video shows these in action if you click the picture above. You’ll also discover a cool hack for the - it’s home page has one of the first ever Konami Code designed for the iPhone. You activate it to reveal an Easter Egg by using a special combination of gesture strokes. I’ll leave it to you to uncover them. But watch the video first!

In a regular web browser, the home page of this site actually has two Konami Coded Easter Eggs hidden, and the first of them was listed at last week. The was the 6th site to be listed there, and in the week since the has had almost 15,000 visitors, has served over 60,000 ads and pages, and chewed up about 16GB of traffic :-)

As I said above… w00t!

My warm thanks to for listing this site!

Six People is all it takes


So something I’ve been thinking about lately with respect to the, now that ‘phase 1’ is complete (see below), is that for it to work I don’t need to connect with a gazillion people in phase 2. I don’t need to connect with a thousand people, or even a hundred. 10? Nope. Just 1…  the right person, that someone who will be pivotal in helping this site succeed, and would want it to.

If one key person will end up being pivotal in making this site succeed, then I could use your help in finding them.

I don’t know who that person is, and probably, neither will you. But if everyone’s just 6 six steps away from every other person on the planet, then I believe someone you know will be the best person to be the next person in that chain of 6 people, and you’ll know who THAT person is. I don’t want you to tell everyone you know about this site, because most of them won’t get it - tell the one person you know who’s the most into technology or the Internet, or pixels, or mathematics, and whom you judge will get a real kick out of the and what I’m writing in this post. Email them a link to this post right now, by clicking this link.

The 3 Phases of the

Loyal. Emotional. Rational.     

As I’ve told people about this site, a question that has cropped up a few times is, why would someone buy pixels in your cube? And it’s been tricky to answer, because I think there are three phases the site will progress through: The First 1%, the Next 9%, and the Last 90%, and each has different reasons people will buy pixels in the…


I’ve already sold the first 1% of the’s pixels to friends, family, clients, colleagues, and early enthusiasts. That’s 10,000 pixels! Largely they were motivated by loyalty (or pity ;-). So now we move to phase 2, the Next 9%.

These are the people who have a website, but more importantly they really like ideas. They might buy 1 pixel, 9, or a hundred, but they have the discretion to indulge on a whim. They’re not really buying pixels for the eventual traffic, although they’d appreciate that too, so much as saying ‘I like this guy’s moxie, and I can afford to splash out on a few pixels in his cube to link to my own website’. It’s an emotional decision.

How many sales will it take to sell the next 9% of the’s pixels? By my rough calculations about 240, but let’s round up and say 250 sales, worldwide. The trick is to find those who’d be interested and not pestering people who would never ‘get it’.

Who do you know that loves the Internet the most? They probably know all the latest web-memes, and they have a website for their hobby or business, or maybe just a cool Facebook profile or MySpace page. Think of the ONE most appropriate person, and click this link to send them an email to read this post: Hey, I think you’ll get a kick out of this…


“The Cube of 100 may equal one million,
but so does 10 to the power of 6”

Best news in an AGE

Cube Small

Woohoo!!! Following on the heels of ITWire and ITWorld there’s a full article on the in the Technology section of today’s Age newspaper:

      ”Cube converts electronic dust to dollars

And the timing couldn’t be better - the site just passed the milestone of selling 100x100 pixels. i.e. 10,000 pixels or 1 whole layer of the 100 layers in the!

To celebrate I’ve turned the’s home page from white to black! Why not? :-)


Current tally: 10,346 pixels sold.

ps.If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll be presented with such treats as CUBE, DEFENDER OF THE POLYVERSE. “Face The Dreaded Cone!”
pps.There’s a new press page listing who’s talking about the
p^3s.There’s a hidden message in the list of people I follow on Twitter. Hint: 1st letter of their usernames. (No more)
pppps.I’ve barely gotten started. There’s so much more to do!


Okay, a lot has been happening behind the scenes, and few bits of that are already visible in the site. More news to come soon I hope. In the mean-time, the site’s getting more traffic from ever-more places.

Pixel-wise, the site is on the verge of hitting 10,000 pixels sold, which will mark 1%. I’m very pleased by that. Sales of pixles have gone from single-digits to double-, triple-, then four digits, and now the site is going to hit the milestone of 5 digits!

To celebrate, I’ve changed the logo of the to add more 3D bling:

old                                         new



Current tally: 9,935 pixels sold.

Today’s press coverage

The IDG website IT World has an article on the today: 1 pixel? World’s smallest online ads debut.

There’s a new article on the by a major Polish website for WebHosting Magazine, featured on their home page! (translation to English)

Plus there’s still a lot of visitors coming from after being a featured site on their home page last week.

Hi to everyone visiting for the first time!




Well, this is a pleasant surprise! Howdy to everyone visiting from, and thus the USA. G’day from Australia!

   archive | homepage

Read below for the story of the of 100, or just scroll down to see how it’s all evolved over the last month or so.

Robert Black

ps. If you have a blog or column, a link and mention of the would be very welcome. Do you use Twitter? Twit it ;-)

pps. If you didn’t see the roving eye on the home page, you clicked away too quickly. Go have another look, and this time give it at least 8 seconds!

A quick update on how things are going with the…

In just the last week I’ve added 3 cool new features to the home page (read more about them below), sold hundreds more pixels, and started a promotion that’s a world first ;-)

Meanwhile, some weeks back I reached the milestone of selling enough pixels to have paid for the costs and time I’ve spent setting up the site, and then some. Now I’m aiming for a new milestone of 5 digits — 10,000 pixels (currently nudging 9,000!)

Email1 Snapshot
One ad at a time, pixel by pixel, this page is turning into a collective work of post-modern art. How will it look next week?

new Cu.bic features
First, and I think this is a world first… there’s a new area marked off in the middle of the home page, with black and yellow hazard stripes around it. Inside I’m selling 1-pixel ads. Yep, 1 pixel. It’s partly an absurdist publicity stunt, but you get a link and pop-up description of the link, so it’s real! Just try clicking or hovering over the links that are already there :-)
1 pixel ads



Second, I’ve added the feature of categorisation of ads to the home page: Click the ‘categories’ tab on the right side of the home page, and then click some categories… see what happens.
Thirdly, the animated ‘x-ray’ cube on the right side of the home page now displays where an ad is within the 3D space of the cube - you can see the ads inside it!

Move your mouse cursor around the page grid to see it in action.

3D cube


Current tally: 9,003 pixels sold.

Sell a million pixels for $1 per pixel?!! It’s been done before. I plan on applying some creativity and elbow grease to making the magic work a second time…

Ridiculously Small is the New Big

Announcing the world’s smallest pixel ads — 1 pixel!


Can you see that black dot in the middle of the square? That’s 1 pixel! Can you click it?

People may squint, but many search engine crawlers ignore how big an image map with a link is - to them a 1 pixel link is no different to a 100,000 pixel link.

Other blocks of pixels smaller than 100 pixels are available in this area too: 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 49, 64, or 81 pixels.

Note that this is a special and limited promotion - pixels outside these 1600 remain for sale in blocks of 100 (10x10) pixels.

No one has ever sold 1 pixel ads before, for a very… good… reason… it’s ridiculous. Imagine trying to hover your mouse over a bunch of 1 pixel hyperlinks — there’s a demo of one of ’em over there to the right. It’s taking small-scale to the extreme — and that appeals to my sense of humour.


So I’m making an area of 1,600 pixels in the middle of the available for purchase in the quantity of 1 pixel, for the standard $1.

There’s been a few takers already, as seen to the left.

So now you can buy a 1x1 pixel ad that links to your business web site for just $1. It’s not just any ad… it’s the world’s smallest online ad.

1 pixel ads - a very limiting and ridiculous innovation of the :-)

To buy 1 pixel (or more), click here.


Green credentials

Wow! Even the smallest mention in The Age newspaper brings a huge jump in traffic…

— page 35 of the Green Guide

Current tally: 8,400 pixels sold

(update: it turns out the article was syndicated to the Sydney Morning Herald too!)

Pixelium (Px)

Putting aside selfish matters like selling pixels for one moment, I want share a serious topic that will hopefully broaden your knowledge of pixels, and at the same time explain what the cube is made of…

Pixelium (pronounced /ˈpɪkzɛlˈiəm/) — is a virtual synthetic element with the symbol Px and atomic number 100. A highly unstable transuranic element of the actinide series, pixelium is created by bombarding phosphors with electrons.

Relatively little is known about its chemical properties, but it can be excited into various energy states such that it gives off any colour. Large amounts of pixelium are produced as a by-product of computers every day around the world.


A close-up photo of pixelium, magnified x100. Note how the atoms arrange themselves into a dense crystalline array.

The nucleus of pixelium is made up of the R, G and B subatomic particles (subpixels). These usually appear in multiples of 8, but there are other isotopes that feature 16, 24, 32 or even 48 bits - the most stable being 8-bit with a half-life of 100.5 days. Pixelium has the unique property among elements of being the only element large enough to be visible to the naked eye, just.


Current tally: 8,200 atoms of pixelium sold :-)

ps. Hey! No fair! Don’t go thinking you’re getting a refund.

A visitor to Cube HQ


Garry Barker, technology editor for The Age newspaper visited Cube HQ at its secret location nestled in the foothills of Melbourne yesterday. He was here to interview me about the, for an article that should be out in the next week or so.

It was very cool. The Age is probably Australia’s most prestigious and respected newspaper, the paper of record, so it’s a big thrill for me to have been interviewed by one of their editors.

I can’t wait to see the article, but in the meantime I can comfort myself with the fact that the number of pixels sold has leapt.

Current tally: 7,700 pixels sold.

Tipping point

This week I’ve reached the milestone of selling 6000 pixels. Woohoo! By having sold over 6000 pixels already, I’ve more than paid for my time in setting this site up, passed every other attempt to repeat the success of the original site I can find, and had a quite a few laughs along the way.

From this point on, any pixels sold will be almost purely profit. Now the focus switches to building up traffic for the advertisers.

Current tally: 6,100 pixels sold! :-)


I am the biggest chicken

I am the biggest coward, but if I reach my estimated target of 280 sales to hit ‘critical mass’, to celebrate and ‘mark the occasion’ I’ll pick at random from one of those sales between 270 and 280, and have those pixels tattooed on me. With the image-owner’s permission. I’m thinking somewhere discreet!!

In fact I’m already having second thoughts. But, it would be amazing to prove the doubters wrong, and heck, you only live once. I could probably survive getting one tiny tattoo done — my first.

Ouch! The internet can be cruel.

I just know I’m going to regret having written this later :-)


ps. Current tally: 4,500 pixels sold @ $1 per pixel.

Buy in!

Well, it’s been a week since I quietly launched the site, and I’m chuffed to say that I’ve already had 11 sales totalling US$3,000 which covers a large chunk of the time I’ve spent setting this up. Soon we might be heading into profit territory - scary thought! Still 269 sales to go until hitting what I calculate will be ‘critical mass’.

I’m going to start the first timid steps in my planned publicity campaign in a few more days, but in the mean-time, I’ve been busy adding a new section to the site that I’m calling Sneezers. ‘Catchy’ title huh? No, I didn’t think so… oh well. I won’t repeat here what’s in that section — go take a peek — other than to say it’s all about spreading word of the, and it contains some ideas and resources to help everyone do so.

What would Homer do?

We all have heroes in life… people of accomplishment that we turn to for inspiration when something difficult comes along. And so, faced with having to publicise my hair-brained scheme (“Our model is the trapezoid!”), I turn to one of the cultural giants of our age, and ask myself, “What would Homer do?”

A: John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber, John Gruber.

Okay. So that won’t work can’t fail! I take consolation from my major discovery that The Cube of 100 can be seen in the background of the 1995 Simpsons’ episode famous for showing Homer entering the third dimension!!


“Here is an ordinary square [drawn on blackboard] … but suppose we extend the square beyond the two dimensions of our universe, along the hypothetical z-axis, there. This forms a three-dimensional object known as a “cube,” or a “Frinkahedron” in honour of its discoverer.”


Hey. If The Cube of 100 shows up in places like that ‘for real’, how can I out-do that with Photoshop? :-)


ps. Current tally: 2,800 pixels sold @ $1 per pixel.


Late News on Friday afternoon: There’s a new article in IT-Wire about the! can lightning strike twice? I consider it very even-handed and complimentary. Happy :-)


Wayne Rankin, one of the godfathers of Australian graphic design has just bought 900 pixels! He sent me an email saying “I like the spirit of your idea.” In fact, being the force of nature he is, Wayne couldn’t leave it at that - he followed that email up with this graphic…


Brilliant! Thanks Wayne.


ps. If you’re in Melbourne, you’ll find in yesterday’s AGE on page 31 of the GreenGuide, an interview (web version) of me for the Livewire Tech column about my opinion of the new Apple G3 iPhone.

pps. Current tally: 2,500 pixels sold!

The Power of an Idea


If you’re here for the first time, and wondering what it’s all about, here’s the story…

In 2005 a young man in the UK, Alex Tew, had a simple and original idea — a very good idea. He set up a page declaring he’d sell 1 million pixels on it to all comers for $1 per pixel, and it earned him $1,000,000 in a matter of months.

The idea spread by word of mouth around the internet, driving increasing amounts of traffic to his website, and from there to the websites that bought his pixels.

It’s too good an idea not to work again — it deserves to work more than once. At least twice ;-)

And that should generate a lot of traffic as word travels that it’s being pulled off again. Traffic that you can buy into here for $1 per pixel.


This site is my attempt at creating a novel and entertaining new perspective on the original idea.


The ‘cube’ of 100

Actual size. You’re looking
at 1,000,000 pixels in 3D!

So what’s the new twist, I hear you ask? Well, try to imagine what a crowd of 1 million people would look like. Personally, I can visualise smaller numbers, say 5, 10, 20 or even 100. But beyond that my brain just shrugs its shoulders and thinks ‘many’. Very big numbers are hard to picture.

So if I take a cube whose sides are only 100 pixels wide like the one to the right, that’s pretty easy to fathom, and if I multiply those sides together to get the volume of the cube, I get… wait, that can’t be right?! 1,000,000?! How can such a small cube have such a big number inside it??? It’s completely counter-intuitive, but that’s maths for you… sometimes it throws a curve-ball. 100 x 100 x 100 gives you 1 million pixels. Cool huh?!

I call it the ‘cube’ of 100.

My plan is to sell a semi-permanent lease on pixels from inside the ‘cube’ of 100, laid out on the home page. Each pixel will only be sold once — once they’re sold out, that’s it! People can specify a web link, an image, and some descriptive text, and these will appear on the home page of this site until at least Oct 10, 2010. That’s 10/10/10!

The earlier you buy, the more traffic you end up getting. If you have a website or weblog whose Google ranking you want to improve, five minutes here and you’re set to boost visits to your website for over two years! Purchasing pixels is a set-and-forget process — the web traffic from here becomes a self-generating (viral) marketing machine.

Publicity and your word of mouth need to spread the word far and wide that this is going to be the first site ever to repeat the success of the original. :-)

Many others tried 3 years ago, but all half-heartedly and with no inspiration, in a saturated market. Today, it’s a forgotten and overlooked idea, ripe for repeating.

“Crazy. I salute you.”
— Wil Shipley
Delicious Monster

“Really crazy and funny. :) … it’s nice to see a new twist. ;)”
— Cabel Sasser

This is just the first step. I have lots of plans for this site and The Cube of 100 in the coming weeks.


I admit that the idea that this could possibly work is pretty cheeky, but what the heck. It’s only cost me my own time to set it up. And if it works… well, I’ll figure that out as needed.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - you can buy pixels now - the store is officially open for business. US$1 per pixel.


I dedicate this ad-venture to the memory of my father.
I think he’d appreciate it.


Christina Kadmos Examples of work © 2011 Robert Black.